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A photo published in Islamic State’s propaganda magazine Dabiq shows a bomb which IS claims brought down a Russian airliner. Islamic State militants have published a photo which they claim shows the improvised bomb that brought down a Russian passenger jet in Egypt.

The veracity of the image, which was published by Islamic State’s propaganda magazine Dabiq, could not be immediately verified. It shows a soft drink can and what appears to be a detonator and switch on a blue background.The Metrojet plane crashed in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula last month, killing all 224 people on board. Russia has confirmed that the plane was brought down by a bomb, and offered a £33m reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

Sky’s foreign affairs editor Sam Kiley said at first glance the IS image does appear to show a detonator. He said: “But that means it would have to have been triggered by a live person and the bomb was in the hold.

“And it would have shown up even on an Egyptian scanner if it was carried by a passenger. “There is no timer or altitude switch, which is what would have been needed.”IS claimed it exploited a loophole at Sharm el Sheikh airport, where the jet took off from, in order to smuggle a bomb on board.

The militants said they initially planned to down a plane belonging to a country taking part in the US-led coalition bombing in Syria and Iraq, but changed their target after Russia started its own strikes.
On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin vowed to find and punish those responsible for the Metrojet attack.

Russia’s army general staff says SU-34 bombers have begun carrying out strikes on IS oil infrastructure in Syria. Moscow has also boosted its intelligence gathering operations in the Middle East, including satellite reconnaissance.

Sources : Gossip Mill Nigeria

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